A fun day at the lake on May 30

We had a great time of diving and fun with East Valley Family Scuba this past Saturday. The water temperature was about 72 degrees, until you hit that first thermal cline at 30 feet.  The visibility was good this time of year, about 20 to 25 feet.

We did two dives, and we say lots of crawfish out and about. The baby bass are about an inch long, and starting to school together. Pretty soon they’ll form big schools, and if you are lucky, you can swim through them. We even saw a 3 foot marble flathead catfish hunting in the rocks.

After the dives, the grill came out, and we had hot dogs and hamburgers…what a feast. There were lots of people at the lake, so it was good thing we got there at 7 in the morning to stake out our spot.

Hope to see you all next time.

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