Destination – Lake Mohave

Lake MohaveLake Mohave

On June 4 and 5, 2016, Toadfish Divers and East Valley Family Scuba spent the weekend at Lake Mohave. Although the temperature was to reach 120 degrees outside, the water felt very refreshing. We set up camp at Cabinsite Point, and had access to two sites. The first site we dove was Jackrabbit Cove, and the second site was Cabinsite Cove.

Jackrabbit Cove

This site was in the cove just north of where we set up camp. We did a surface swim to the buoy set out by the park. After checking with our buddies, we descended to about 35 feet and came across the first wreck. It was a small cabin cruiser. Attached to the bow was a string, which lead you to the second wreck, a larger cabin cruiser. This larger boat was sitting at about 60 feet of water. After checking out the wreckage, we made a reverse course back to the starting point.

The water temperature at the start of the dive was about 75 degrees, and at 60 feet, the temperature was about 66 degrees. Although the water was green with algae, the visibility was clear to about 25 to 30 feet. Besides the two wrecks, we saw catfhish, carp, trout bass and crappie.

Cabinsite Cove

This site was in front of our camp area. On this dive, we descended to 45 feet and headed east to look for the school bus. It was interesting to find a school bus at the bottom of the lake, but we had no complaints. After swimming around it, we ascended to 35 feet, continued east towards a sunken van. It too seemed out of place, but had no problems giving it an inspection. The back doors were open and you could see inside the wreckage. From there, taking a heading south, at about 45 feet, we came across Boo, a skeleton, including a sign with a curse if you removed anything!  From there, heading east again, at about 50 feet was the obstacle course, a great way to check out your own buoyancy.

After returning to the point where we ascended, four of us had to perform an impromptu Search and Recovery operation to retrieve a lost GoPro. With good directions to the place where it was lost, we found the GoPro!

After The Dives

Once we finished diving, we cooked up some hotdogs on the grill. The air temperature was about 115 degrees and still climbing at 2:00pm.  Thanks to those who brought canopies to provide some shade. You were dry before you got all your gear off.

Diving in Lake Mohave was an awesome experience. It is a good opportunity to do some wreck and navigation diving that is Local Diving in Arizona. Another thanks to Dive Shack USA in Bullhead City for having air, providing the details of the dive sites and anything else we needed to make the Lake Mohave dive trip an enjoyable event.

If you are interested in joining on us, please Contact Me.

Below are some photos taken of the trip…enjoy!

Lake Mohave Photos

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