Fun at Lake Pleasant – June 13, 2015

Blue Gill 2015-06-13 01Toadfish divers had a great time with East Valley Family Scuba.  We got an early start, by finding a spot at 7 a.m. However, one of the divers decided to spend the night and saved a nice spot for all us by the water’s edge. A Scuba Review and Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty was taking place.

The water temperature started at 77 degrees, but by 40 feet, it was down to 72 degrees. We had passed through two thermal clines. We then decided to hang at 25 feet, where the visibility was excellent to see Bass, crawfish and a large catfish, and the water temperature was about 75 degrees.

After an hour surface interval, we did a second dive, which included some Rescue scenario training.  After the second dive, I brought out the grill and we enjoyed hotdogs and hamburgers.

Thanks everyone for a great day of diving and socializing. If you like to join us on one of our Lake Day events, please contact me by using the form below.

See you on the next dive,

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