Fun at the Lake, January 23, 2016

Lake Day, January 23, 2016

East Valley Family Scuba and Spanish Squid Scuba had fun on Lake Day, Saturday, January 23, 2016 with Toadfish Divers. We arrived at Biesemeyer Point in the morning, found a spot and set up camp. There were lots of divers in the lake that day, with all sorts of training and plenty of shore support keeping an eye on our camp area. We decided we would just explore the area.

The water temperature registered at 54 degrees. We all had the appropriate exposure gear. The visibility was above average, about 40 feet of clear water. We saw crayfish, small mouth bass and a striped bass. We also made an effort to do our part and picked up trash. We found all sorts of fishing gear, plastic and aluminum products and a Barbie! Buoyancy was key to not disturb the bottom and prevent ourselves from kicking up the algae.

After the dive, we enjoyed sitting around, talking about the dive, and ate some good food. It was nice just to relax and absorb the sun’s rays. If you missed this Lake Day, we will have our next one some time in February. An exact date will be determined at the next Toadfish Divers Dinner scheduled for February 6.

Check out the pictures below. If you have any questions, please Contact Me.

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