Happy times at Biesemeyer Point, July 26

Toadfish sign Divers 2015-07-26 07Toadfish Divers, East Valley Family Scuba and Coral Cactus Scuba spent the day socializing and diving at Biesemeyer Point in Lake Pleasant on Sunday, July 26.

Congratulations to Joy for completing her Open Water Scuba Diver certification,  and to Matt and Tim on their Advanced Open Water Certifications. Darrell worked on more Rescue skills, while Evy helped to play as victim and rescuer. Lori worked on her Divemaster.  While Enrique, John and Kelly were instructing, Lori and River were snorkeling and kept watch on shore.

After the dives, I got out the grill and cooked up some hotdogs. Thanks to Evy and Lori for bringing some side dishes and sharing with the group.

Check out the pictures below.

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