Lake Day 25 September 2016

Lake Day 25 September 2016

Lake Day 25 September 2016 – Surface Report

Divers from East Valley Family Scuba, Toadfish Divers and Spanish Squid Scuba spent the morning at Lake Pleasant, Biesemeyer Point on September 25, 2016. We arrived at 7a.m. and set up camp at a spot down by the point. The wind was pretty strong, and perhaps that was the reason there were no boats and jet skiers today. We did see a couple of sail boats out in the distance.

Open Water student Lisa, did a set of Open Water dives with East Valley Scuba. Divemaster candidate Darrell gave an excellent Dive Site Briefing, and lead a dive with Spanish Squid Scuba.

Lake Day 25 September 2016  – Dive Report

The visibility was expected for this time of year – 3 feet at best! The water temperature was 79 degrees to  about 40 feet. We had to really use our Navigation skills. We did, however, see bass and blue gills throughout the dive. The first Christmas Tree we came across along the road was at a 15 foot depth – the lake surface level is quite low. At 20 feet, we found the first genie lamp, but didn’t come across the second one. One of the trees, that turned out to be an artificial tree, had lots of small blue gills and bass’ hiding within the thick branches. As we continued the dive, we came across the buoyancy bar and set it upright.

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