Lake Day Dive Report

Lake Day 2016-02-22Toadfish Divers had a Lake Day on Sunday, February, 21. It was a great day to spend out at the lake. We got there at 9 AM, the water was calm and clear at Biesemeyer Point.

Lake Day Report

After getting ready, several teams headed out to dive. Walt and Alex  went to see the Christmas Trees currently at about 70 feet, Darrell and John F. worked on Navigation and Buoyancy,  Enrique and Chris worked on training, while John S. and Lori tested new equipment. Dana and Charlene were sitting on shore, making sure our site was secure, while working on their tans and homework.

The water temperature was about 54 degrees…burr! However, the visibility was between 35 and 40 feet. A cell phone was found at about 45 feet, in the east cove to Biesemeyer Point. It looked like it was there for a while, as rust was starting to form. We all had fun. Afterwards, John S. and I got out our grills and made hotdogs. Thanks to everyone else for sharing side dishes. It was all very delicious. Towards the end, the wind started to pick up, so we broke down the canopies and headed home. Check out the pictures below.

Looking forward to our next Lake Day in March, to be announced at the next Toadfish Divers dinner on March 5. If you are interested in joining us on a social or diving event, check out our Calendar of Events.

If you have any questions, please Contact Me.

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