Lake Day Fun April 26

Darrell Enrique Evy John & Walter 2015-04-26 01Five of us had lots of fun diving at Lake Pleasant today. Getting to the dive site at 8 a.m. was a great idea. It was not that crowded, and we were able to park close to shore. At about 9:00, Evy, Walter, John, Darrell and I headed out to look for the Christmas Trees from Biesemeyer Point. Knowing the water level at Lake Pleasant is high this time of year, we planned for a 60 foot dive. After setting the buoy, we followed the left side of the road edge underwater. We reached the first group of Christmas Trees at 55 feet. After looking around and reading the sign placed at the location by another dive group, Evy put her Navigation Skills to work and got us back to the buoy – hurray Evy! A few bass and small blue gills were around us.

The air temperature was 55 degrees this morning, but the water temperature was about 65 degrees – makes the water feel warm. I still wore my 7ml suit, with hood and gloves.  The visibility was not as good as I had hoped, about 15 to 20 feet, even at depth. Surprisingly, the water temperature stayed almost the same throughout the whole dive, only getting to 63 degrees at 55 feet.

Although I did not bring an underwater camera, we do have some excellent before and after pictures.  A group picture of all of us before we got in the water, thanks to a diver from another group who happened to walk by.  The rest, are of us setting up equipment, and our fancy meal afterwards.  I also decided to take a few pictures of a Saguaro in bloom – a rare sight during the daylight hours.  We left the site after eating, and just as it started to rain. Our timing this morning could not be more perfect. Anyways, we did not want to get wet from the rain – imagine that!

Thanks everyone for a fun and safe dive. Also, I would like to say a big “thank you” to Mike from No Limits Scuba for his support. Hope to see you on the next dive day.

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