Lake Day, January 23, 2016

Lake Day on January 23

Lake Pleasant 2015-07-15 01During the January Toadfish Divers dinner, we decided to have the first Lake Day of the year, and go diving  on Saturday, January 23. We are going to meet at Biesemeyer Point, Lake Pleasant at 9:00 in the morning.

The water will be cold, so please wear appropriate exposure gear, for example, hood, gloves, and a 7ml wet suit or dry suit. I’ll bring the grill, you bring something to cook for yourself, like hot dogs or hamburgers. If you like to bring something to share, that is always appreciated.

Lake Day is a great way to practice your scuba skills, so if you can, please join us. Hope to see you there. Let me know if you are planning on going, so we can keep an eye out for you. If you have any questions, please Contact Me.

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