Lake Day on Sunday, April 26

Buoy and Dive FlagWe are doing a Lake Day at Lake Pleasant, Biesemeyer Point on Sunday, April 26. Let’s be there at 8 a.m. to get a head start from the crowds. Afterwards, we can eat. I’ll bring my grill. You bring something for yourself to eat/drink, that you would like cooked on the grill, for example hamburgers or hotdogs. Feel free to bring something to share, like chips, fruit or vegetables.

If you need a map, send me a note using the Comments form below.

Let’s go diving,

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3 thoughts on “Lake Day on Sunday, April 26”

  1. Joining you for the dive! This would be my first time joining a local dive group. I have a couple of questions:

    1. How are dive buddies set up? I don’t have one, do I have to pay for one?

    2. How do I get rental equipment? What is the cost? I only have mask, snorkel, fins, boots, hood, gloves, and dive computer.

    3. How many dives are we doing?

    4. Map please. I found these directions, are they right?

    “Turn east (right) onto the Lake Pleasant Access Road that leads into the Park Entrance.
    There will be a $6.00 Lake Entrance Fee per vehicle. Once through the Park Entrance, turn right onto South Park Road.
    Take the second left onto Sunset Ridge Road.
    Follow Sunset Ridge Road around the horseshoe to the top of the peninsula and down to the water’s edge.”

    1. Hi Jesus, glad you are able to join us! Here are the answers to your questions…
      1) If you have a buddy, great, otherwise, you hook with someone there. You do not have to pay for one.
      2) You can get rental gear at most dive shops. I’m not sure what is close around you. However, I’ve been to Sports Chalet, and you can get BCD, tank, reg and a wetsuit for, I believe, about $45. If you go to Sports Chalet, you would need to pick what you plan to rent on Saturday, since they don’t open until 9 or 10 on Sundays. After the dive, you can return it.
      3) We usually do two dives. Some of us do both dives on just one tank! Up to you how many tanks you decide to get. Keep in mind that Sports Chalet does not refund for unused tanks.
      4) I will send you a map. I will also try to put one on this site for reference. From I-17, on Carefree Highway (AZ-74), there are two entrances to Lake Pleasant…the 1st (87th Ave) is the Private side, and 2nd (N. Castle Hot Springs Rd) is the County side, you will want the 2nd entrance, and then you will turn east onto Lake Pleasant Access Rd. Yes, it is $6.00 for the day. The rest of your directions is correct. I would add, after you go around the horseshoe to the top, you should be at a stop sign, turn left and follow the road to the end. You should see my silver Chevy Traverse there.
      Thanks, Enrique

      1. Mike Chamberlain, the owner of No Limits Scuba is offering Toadfish Divers a great deal for this weekend Dive Day at Lake Pleasant. Thank you Mike and let’s show support to No Limits Scuba!

        “No Limits Scuba would like to help support Toadfish Divers and offer Free air and tank rental for your 2 dives and 40 % off any rental gear. Let me know if you need anything. We will have some open water divers and Wow students there at same time, I will let the instructors know to look for you guys. Unfortunately I can not Join you as I will be finishing my Disable Divers International Instructor training. Have a Safe and fun dive day at the lake.”

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