Lake Pleasant Dive Report

Lake Pleasant 2015-10-02 01Spent a couple of days diving at Lake Pleasant, Biesemeyer Point on Sunday, September 27 and again on Friday, October 2, 2015.

On Sunday, Melissa, Bobby, Darrell and Enrique spent the morning together. Our goal was to find the Christmas Trees. The fire hydrant with the dog skeleton, was located at 20 feet. We continued down, and found where the hoops were located, at about 30 feet. We passed through the small hoop with ease. The big hoop, unfortunately, was disassembled. Although I found three sides, I did not find the fourth. So, we left it as it was. We also found the “Sleeping Zombie”. You could hear me scream in horror through the regulator as I was face to face with the Zombie. I was so glad when Bobby forced it back into its lair. The visibility was about 4 feet, which is actually pretty good this time of year. The water temperature was about 80 degrees, a bit cool, but we did not have wetsuits on during the dives. After our surface interval, and a couple of snacks and water, we headed out for the second dive. When we got back to where we started, the shore was getting crowded with other guests, so we decided to boogy on out and save the grill for another day.

On Friday, October 2 Maggie, Steve and Enrique dove in the morning. Maggie and Steve wanted to practice buoyancy and breathing techniques. We found the fire hydrant with the dog. I noticed the back legs of the dog were positioned backwards, so I rearranged them. Steve said he got to close to the dog, and it bit him. Really? I did not┬áthink you could get narc’d at 20 feet! We then headed down to about 30 feet and dove around the Christmas Trees. The visibility was still at about four feet and the water temperature remained at 80 degrees. We wore our 3 ml suits and stayed warm throughout the dives. We then did our surface interval, which included water, some chips and turkey roll-ups…yummy! We finished our second dive at about noon and headed for home.

The company was great and the┬ádiving was also great. I can’t wait to go diving again.

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