Night Dive at Biesemeyer Point

Toadfish Divers goes on a Night Dive at Biesemeyer Point, Lake Pleasant on Friday evening, October, 23, 2015.

Night Dive 2015-10-23 01

What a beautiful time we had. The air temperature was in the 80’s, so not too hot and not too cold, with a slight breeze. We were able to park at the water’s edge, and had most of the lake to ourselves. There were maybe 2 or 3 boaters, and a few campers, but not at Biesemeyer Point.

The water temperature was about 75 degrees, and the visibility was about 3 feet, and in some parts up to 6 feet. Everyone had 3ml suits on, except for one diver with a dry suit. The group did see bass and carp. The first group of Christmas Tree was at about 20 to 25 feet.  One of the divers, Brandon did see the fire hydrant.

Darrell put his navigation skills to the test, and was able to bring everyone back to the buoy. He stated this was the perfect opportunity to trust your compass. Great job! Meanwhile, others practiced their buoyancy and made a new experience in Night Diving.

Afterwards, we chowed down on some chips, homemade salsa made by Chris, fried chicken and hot dogs. John brought some fire logs, so we set up a campfire, and talked about the dives.

Thanks Brandon, Chris, Darrell and John for a great time and wonderful experience. Looking forward to the next time we can get together again.

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