San Carlos, Columbus Day Weekend

Sea Lion 2015-10-11 03Toadfish Divers met up with Alexander’s / Dive Shop, Too and Coral Cactus Scuba in San Carlos over the Columbus Day weekend.

Although we had some rain on Friday evening, the sea out to San Pedro Island on Saturday and Sunday was smooth as glass. The weekend was just beautiful weather throughout. The visibility was 70 feet plus, and the water temperature was an unusual 85 degrees for this time of year. On the way to the island, we saw Marlins and Dolphins jumping out of the water. Some divers went on a night dive on Saturday and saw some Mantas.

We saw all kinds of fish, like King Angel Fish, Hawk Fish, all colors of Damsels and plenty of Balloon Fish. There were also other types of sea creatures, such as Morays, Hydroids and Nudibranchs.

We also had lots of fun with the seal lion pups at the island. They came down to us at about 15 feet and posed while we took pictures. A great way to spend your safety stop at the end of a dive.

Looking forward to the next time we can go to San Carlos, Mexico. If you are interested in taking a trip with us, please contact me using the Leave a Reply form below.

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