Lake Day, Sunday, February 21

Lake Day on Sunday

Bass 2015-11-22 02Let’s get together on Sunday, February 21 for a Lake Day at Biesemeyer Point, a.k.a. Christmas Tree Point at 9:00 A.M., and do some diving, eating and sharing stories. I understand the visibility is still quite clear, and the water temperature is in the 50/60’s…that’s cold water! So, bring appropriate thermal protection, like hood, gloves, 7ml wet suit, or dry suit....

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Lake Day Diving November 22, 2015

Lake Day Diving

Toadfish DiversLet’s go diving on Sunday, November 22, 2015. We are planning to meet at 9:00 in the morning, at Biesemeyer Point. The water temperature will probably be around 65 degrees. So, I will be wearing my 7ml wet suit, hood and gloves. Be sure to bring what is appropriate for yourself. My dive plan will be to do two dives on one tank, around the Christmas Trees for the first dive and the boulders for the second dive. We have been told the visibility was pretty good, even at 30 feet....

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Several dive shops unite on Women’s Dive Day

Women's Dive Day Lake Pleasant Desert Tortoise 2015-07-18 02A beautiful day of diving at Desert Tortoise, Lake Pleasant, united by several shops around the valley, to participate in the PADI First Annual Woman’s Dive Day. A big THANK YOU to Destination Scuba, East Valley Family Scuba, No Limits Scuba, Toadfish Divers, and Ultimate Dive and Travel Scuba, for coming together and mingling with other divers. Lots of stories were told, and many new friendships were made....

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