Toadfish Divers 2016-12-10

Toadfish DiversToadfish Divert met on 2016-12-10

It’s the last month of 2016, and what a great year we had in 2015.

Toadfish Divers met at Rosita’s Place on Saturday, December 10 from 6:00pm until around 9:00pm. We had a great time sharing stories about diving, training and trips. We got a great report from Marilee about diving in Costa Rica. This could be a dive¬†destination to consider on a future trip.

Spanish Squid is planning a dive trip to Cozumel from Saturday, October 7 to Saturday, October 14, 2017. Details to be posted later. There was also talk about taking a trip to the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

If you are interested in joining us at our dinners, training or dive trips, please use the Leave a Reply form below.

Wishing everyone a very safe and Happy New Year! Hope to see you in 2017.

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