Toadfish Divers Club Dinner in December

Dinner at Rosita’s Place with Toadfish Divers

Queen Angel Fish 2014-06-17 01Toadfish Divers got together for dinner and fun at Rosita’s Place on Saturday, December 05, 2015. Lots of stories was shared throughout the evening.

The big topic for the night was the trips that are planned for 2016. The schedule for San Carlos, Mexico is currently being put together. There are plans to go to Indonesia, and possibly a trip to Cozumel during the Columbus Day week. The big trips mentioned during the dinner, already scheduled, are Bonaire, July 9-17, and Roatan, July 9-16.

If you are interested in going on a trip please contact me using the Leave a Reply form below.

Thanks Alexander’s / Dive Shop, Too and East Valley Family Scuba for  joining us at the Toadfish Divers Club dinner and for your support.

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