Toadfish Divers Dinner Social 2017-09-09

Toadfish Dinner SocialDinner Social 2017-09-09

Toadfish Dives got together for a dinner social on Saturday, September 09, 2017 at Rosita’s Place in Phoenix, Arizona. We had a couple of new faces join us this evening – welcome to the group and we look forward to diving with you.


Lots of trips has occurred this summer. We heard about the Canary Islands, Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Cuba and Palau. Sounded like everyone had a great time. Remember, in October, we will be in Cozumel for 5 days of 2-tank boat diving in the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean from October 7 to October 14.

If you are interested in joining us on a trip, please Contact Us.

Lake Day – Night Dive in October

We are planning a Lake Day event, a Night Dive to be more specific, on Friday, October 29. 2017.  Come see the crayfish and catfish that are out at night. We will meet at Biesemeyer Point around 5pm. That should give us enough time to scope out the area, and if we have to, do a Discover Local Diving for those who have not dove there before. If this is your first Night Dive, let’s talk about an Adventure Dive. Remember to bring your underwater flash lights.

The sun should be setting around 7pm. After the dive, I’ll have the grill and we can plan to eat afterwards. Bring something you would like to cook for yourself, like hamburger or hotdogs, and possibly something to share with the group.


We have several classes in progress, from Open Water to Divemaster. If you are interested in continuing your dive education, please Contact Us, and we will help you with your goals.



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