Toadfish Divers Social 11-10-2017

Toadfish Divers Social 11-10-2017

Toadfish Divers SocialOn November 11, 2017, a group of 13 Toadfish Divers met for a social at Rosita’s Place. We had a discussion on trips for next year and in the future. Lot’s of people shared their experiences. One of the trips we are thinking about is Cozumel in June. Dive Shop Too is also planning a trip, and are looking into possibly the Philippines or Indonesia. As soon as we finalize the trips, they will be posted, so keep checking back with us.

We also talked about a trip on a Live-Aboard. No destination was set, but this may be a possibility for 2019. There are members in the group who have been on a live-aboard trip. They would be a good source on what it is like to be on a live-aboard.

Another topic of discussion, is to plan a trip to help support the dive businesses in the Caribbean who suffered from recent hurricanes. For example, we could help gather data and provide reports to the condition of dive sites. We could also help to restore dive site buoys that may have been lost from the hurricane. As a result, a few members have volunteered to obtain information through their contacts.

If you have a suggestion for a dive trip destination, please let us know, and we will look into it.

If you would like to join us at our next social or dive trips, please Contact Us, or use the Leave a Reply below.


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